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Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone make music for better worlds in the hope of making this one a little more beautiful along the way. They use retrofuturistic synths, catchy beats and Lily's ethereal vocals to create unique pop soundscapes which have been compared to the likes of Goldfrapp, Portishead, Radiohead and Mogwai. Their compositions have been heard on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, BBC Radio Scotland, and garnered international acclaim. Since forming in January 2017, L-Space (with Dickson Telfer on bass) released three EPs, a string of singles, and their three critically acclaimed albums, Kipple Arcadia, Music for Megastructures (Expanded Edition), and Feed the Engines! Post Coal Prom Queen is the evolution of L-space; Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone have refined their unique electronic sound to create beautiful, infectious pop music and a brand new live show. Combining elements of electro pop, trip hop, and PC music, PCPQ refuse to be pinned down to one sound and continue their ambitious sonic exploration at every turn.