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Moon-Tone was established back in 2013 and was initially focused on making remixes of video game music, primarily the popular Touhou Project Series. The Touhou HipHop series of albums named Tou-Hop gained a small cult following on the internet and was positively received by the Touhou fandom. 
 Now in 2020 Moon-Tone is creating original music and distributing it worldwide to all major streaming platforms. 
 As a guitarist Moonie is heavily inspired by Blues, Rock and Funk. Citing Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Funkadelic as early influences, but as a producer leans more towards HipHop influences such as DJ Shadow, 90’s rap groups, Nujabes and the current wave of lofi hiphop. Moon-Tone aims to fuse all these influences into a unique brand of chilled out beats.