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Hey everyone! We are The Bland: Axel, Anton, Johan, Jacob, and Lucas. We started trying our indie music as street buskers back in 2010, and ever since, things have just kept growing. Songwriting, touring, and creating has become our life. 
 As Corona now tricked us of a full year of touring, meeting people, hearing wonderful stories, seeing new places and dancing, we thought about how to use this time we’ve been given in the best way possible. 
 We started dreaming of a place - full of all of these things we’re so desperately missing, and thought to make this the most exciting project we’ve ever done. 
 We will create a fictive town - write its history, create characters, family trees, bars, historic events - jump into this world and compose our music to the story. And not only that - we will illustrate this place in painted art and video - to, later on, make this fictive place become real. Yes - we want to build this town in real life - as a festival, where you can experience the story, touch it, interact with it, and even change it! 
 We’re calling the town La Hata Vitoye and the story begins with a tiny little bar, located by the coast. A place where caravans and traveling entertainers take refuge after long periods of touring. A gem everyone’s telling stories about - those stories that sound too good to exist in real life. 
 It’s now time for you to become a citizen in La Hata Vitoye!