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"Haunting and somehow nostalgic, Myriad Drone produce an Enigmatic form of cinematic post-rock. While the genre has become bloated and somewhat formulaic, Myriad Drone manages to avoid being part of this over-saturation through immensely compelling compositions and impeccable interpretation of melody and movement." Originally created as a solo Project in 2016, Myriad Drone is an Emergent reality of the Melbournian Rock and Metal music scene. The band founder and Composer Shane Mulholland, with the support of the fellow bass player Mikey Harland, produced and released the first self-titled Demo/EP in May 2016. The record received outstanding feedback on Bandcamp and generated interest within the worldwide Post-Rock community, especially for the 'Laura Palmers' Theme' cover, a Tribute to Angelo Badalamenti's work for the TV series Twin Peaks. Myriad Drone turns into a 4 piece band in late 2017 and starts writing new material that features hypnotic, chanting melodies, dreamy vocals and epic walls of sound inspired by bands as MONO, Sigur Ros, If These Trees Could Talk and more. Myriad Drone is now ready to release its Debut Full-Length Album 'Arka Morgana' on October, the 18th, 2019.