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Electrond plays epic electro-prog, and is the solo project of Trond Gjellum, drummer of the Norwegian progressive rock bands Panzerpappa and Suburban Savages. In addition to his lifelong love of progressive rock, he has also had a soft spot for catchy electronic music, and wanted to create a fusion of progressive rock and electronic music. He couldn’t find a place for this in his regular bands, so he found the need to start Electrond to have a creative outlet. The result have been described as "If Devo and 80's King Crimson had a baby, it would sound like Electrond". Ketil Einarsen (well known musician within prog and electronic music) has characterized The music has loads of humor, in a good zappaesque way, and the music sounds like the love child of Devo and Kraftwerk. Electrond is a genuine solo project, where Trond writes the music, plays and programs the instruments, writes and sings the words, and mixes the music. In an age where electronic music live performances consist of one or more musicians hunched over a laptop screen or modular synth, Electrond is something completely different, and he insists that humour belongs in a live performance. Electrond dress up in a protective coverall and plays the music on various synths and beatboxes, while incorporating a lot of theatrics and dancing moves.