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Fire Healer is the solo music project of musician, singer, songwriter and producer, Siobhán Eileen. Siobhán sings and plays acoustic guitar, acoustic mandolin, 4 string electric mandolin through effects pedals, to live looped percussion and keyboard instruments. She loves warm, analogue sounds but also uses an iPhone and a wireless keyboard for Electric Piano, piano, mellotron, bass and other instruments. Siobhán is influenced by the psychedelic and surf music of the 1960s, dub reggae, trip hop and neo-psychedelic & Shoegaze artists. Siobhán's live performances are often entirely improvised, with no two performances sounding the same. Siobhán is also the vocalist & bass guitarist with psychedelic rock band, The Elephant Trip. Siobhán is transgender and uses she/her pronouns. Siobhán plays several instruments, all self taught. Music and musical expression has always been a core part of Siobhán's life and playing instruments started at the age of 5 when she first started playing drums, later moving onto keyboard and bass guitar. In 2010, after the demise of psych rock band, Spiral 25, she formed psych rock duo, The Neon Violets, with her friend and drummer, Nell Wimpenny, the band later expanded to a 3 piece. The Neon Violets was the point at which she started performing as a front person, taking up vocals for the first time.