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Rhythm is the most elemental way to attract a listener´s attention. Strategically dosed, time pulls the thread of the unconscious, letting ideas emerge and creating a richly layered musical experience. With this premise, Catalan drummer Ildefons Alonso explores the possibilities of incorporating certain irregularities into musical structures. He presents the second part of his creative project Metrinova, where each piece evokes a mental landscape. His compositions are almost-songs that miss only the lyrics. They are musical spaces, and a rhythmic and expressive challenges, inspiring dialogue and exploration from his band-mates Matt Anderson, Alberto Palau and Will Harris. The group´s dialogue and exploration shed light on every corner of these emotive images. Ildefons Alonso is a drummer, composer and bandleader who released his fist album Metrinova Vol.1 (Underpool Records) in 2016. He uses his graceful touch and inventive musicality to develop a deeply personal approach to composition and improvisation. He received a scholarship from Royal Academy of Music in London to complete a Masters degree in Jazz Percussion and Composition. Nowadays, along with Metrinova, Ildefons is touring around Catalonia and Spain with the outstanding Indie-Pop band El Petit de Cal Eril, developing the new duo project TwinFormula, that intertwines jazz, pop, electronics and improvisation.