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With only 19 years of age, the DJ and producer Kleriga has shown excellent quality in their productions, which have been taken to TOP Festivals like Ultra Mexico / EDC Mexico, and in the progressive mix, passing through the Psy Trance, and even the Brazilian bass, where soon we will present new music under this exquisite sub genre. Meanwhile, the DJ has presented his EP of Cosmic Force, which has two tracks: "Cosmic Force", and "Virgo Magnet", where he shows us the simplicity of the sounds, which for him is the key to an unparalleled musical journey. . "The cosmic force is energy and good vibration when integrated. "They are the factors of the energy that creates worlds, with what this EP is the root and the beginning of an adventure of new music with the theme of the universe". Suported by DJ Mag México, Neomusic, PlurLife, EDM Exclusives, EMPO, EMPO Academy, BlackBeat and Raver MX.