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Alessandro Loiacono (Ale Loy) is an Italian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, based in Glasgow. He released albums, performed tours and won several competitions in Italy using the stage name “Zero Cinque” (2008-2013). In 2014, he moved to the UK to start a more ambitious and international solo project named “Ale Loy”.

Here he has immediately captured the attention of the Bristolian label “Jack of All Records”, which released his latest album “Wake up Early”. In 2016, Ale Loy released independently the single “The Others”. In 2018, he performed an Italian mini-tour. In 2019, he released “Memories from the Present” live EP. He is currently working on new music content in his multi-functional studio. Here, Ale Loy is able to create and finish song concepts from scratch through to the final stage. This includes recording multiple instruments, singing, mastering, artwork graphics, and video making.