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A combination of powerful metal and harmonic melodies - that's the best way to describe the style of this metal band from Bremen. Anyone who meets with these musicians must be prepared for surprises. One of them is the authentic and mutable voice of frontman Waldemar Dering, who always hits the right note in both headbanger-friendly heavy passages and strong ballads full of mood. Accompanied by Martin San Vegas and Hartmut Schubert, who mix with their 6 strings, melodic and powerful. Paul Wille provides the necessary pressure underneath with his 4-string. Sebastian has been playing the drums since the end of 2018. Overall, the band convinces with a clear line that runs through the songs - without loosing each individual personality of the musicians. Every member contributes to a harmonious overall concept. It is important for all participants not to present a B version of another band, even if it is determined by different musical influences. The result is unmistakable, because every member of "LINE OF FATE" developed a very own, memorable style over the years and gone through music projects that makes the music of the band though not unique but also not kind. The joy of music is always in the foreground, but not without losing sight of the common goals: Completion of the first studio album "Dark Age" and as broad as possible live experiences: From the cozy gig in the "Pub next door" or band support to open-air events or regional festivals.