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Hurts To Laugh by Western Australia’s Methyl Ethel marks the ongoing output of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jake Webb’s restless mind. Time and again he’s proven that while there’s no distinction between music and art, psychologically speaking there is a difference between feeling and emotion. One is a conscious response to a set of circumstances, the other is the unconscious conditions of our very being that only occasionally surfaces through feelings. Hurts To Laugh excavates this ambiguous site, implied by its very title. You can laugh so hard it hurts—pure joy. Or laugh despite the pain—despair. These paradoxes run throughout the EP, as well as everything that came before. A project that’s the brainchild of a single mind—writer, performer and producer Webb—while also being a live band of five members, Methyl Ethel makes music that draws from myriad influences and a history of new wave and indie rock, while sounding like its own thing entirely. Both familiar and alien, intimate and aloof, you never quite know what you’re in for, but the trip is bound to be enchanting.