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Broken Baby is the musical brainchild of veteran indie rocker/producer Alex Dezen (main songwriter and front man of The Damnwells) and Amber Bollinger, former Ohio all-state high jump champion. As a working actor in Hollywood for years, Bollinger experienced unending sexual harassment and misogyny. If you follow the band’s history, it’s clear that it was formed as a vehicle for Bollinger, both as a writer and performer, to channel her rage. 
 The follow-up to 2018’s self-titled debut, 2021’s Late Stage Optimism features punchy guitars, snaking bass lines, and Bollinger’s diamond-studded snarl, owing as much to The Breeders as SoCal punk. On the first single, “Get the Piss Up,” Bollinger and crew come out swinging with a full-throated howl. “Hand Heat,” the second single, turns introspective—even romantic—though no less blistering. “Romeo and Juliet,” says Bollinger, “but with beat-up vans and jellies.” “Meaniac,” the group’s latest single, combines wit and sarcasm with scorching, lopsided riffs, all the while delivering a deft truth. "I cannot even count how many times I’ve been cut down for sticking up for myself,” Bollinger explains. “So I guess I’m a Meaniac!” 
 Recorded primarily in the couples’ El Sereno, CA, home during the pandemic, producer and mixer Dezen, who is a veteran of home recordings, breaks from the bedroom aesthetic of other DIY bands and delivers a sound that feels like it came out of a posh studio set ablaze.