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** flap or swim to his new band The Deep Sea Parrots - now on Spotify! alexthomasdavis. The King Of Melancholy. 86 albums up. From the West of Wolverhampton to the South of Sunderland to the North of Brighton to the East of Boroughbridge. Been a rocker and a raver, combining a lust for clubbing with a deep love for The Beatles, The Stone Roses and Nirvana. Now more into Dylan, Hendrix, Marley, and The Kinks. Always been a poet, he taught himself the guitar in the darkest corners of enhance the chances of his poetry being heard. He recovered from a quite severe brush with death in ' start recording.. alexthomasdavis writes mainly acoustic blues and also a bit of EDM music. Acoustic albums of note, The North, Memoirs of a Drunken Poet Part 33 , Slacker, The King Of Melancholy, Dragonfly, The Wayside, I Love You Ten Times, Where The Honey Is, Better Days, Different Worlds, Above etc(!) For EDM - Get the weekend started with Slave to The Rave or Thirsty Work. The Cartoon Rave trilogy of albums for the party, and for the after party try Coming Down. For covers try the Take Cover series, versions of Dylan, The Beatles, Oasis, John Lennon, The Kinks etc (!) Loves : Football, American Football, Curry, Beer, Dogs, Cycling Hates : UFOs/Greys, The 'Meat' Industry, Rugby, Cats, Cycling The recording quality sits somewhere between early blues recordings and real life studio production. Turn your volume up. The King of Melancholy has landed!! (86 of 💯 albums)