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Experiences are what Mara Katria creates. She uses the varied tools of a musician, film director, videogame world-builder, and photographer to immerse audiences in the depths of history and the perpetuity of genuine emotion. Her commitment to the craft of moving people and the art of communication has seen her receive numerous accolades from film festivals, print publications, and forums dedicated to her varied disciplines. Currently, Mara is writing an original EP with her friends and heroes, the legendary post punk band: Modern English. The album, code-named "Modern M," promises to guide listeners on an adventure that spans the ribbon of time. Katria aims to use music as a mirror: echoing our mythic past; reflecting the sonic renaissance of the 1980s; and projecting epochs yet to come. In preparation for the EP, Mara Katria dropped her debut single entitled “Midnight Mind” 20/2/2020. Wide release of the award-winning music video she directed for "Midnight Mind" is slated for the spring.