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Nora Kudrjawizki The One Violin Orchestra A woman, a violin, a loop station - enchanting violin sounds with vocals, beatbox and loop station. Nora Kudrjawizki presents her album "Loop" with her program "One Violin Orchestra". With her program "One Violin Orchestra" Nora succeeds in giving the most famous songs of the world their very own sound and character and the Loop-Station turns her One-Woman-Show into an orchestra performance. At her concerts you can witness how the songs slowly build up and how violin, voice and beatbox replace a whole orchestra. Nora sensitively takes the audience on a journey to discover the world-famous hits - completely new - for herself. No concert is like the other - each concert is a new voyage of discovery of her program of cover songs and original compositions. Well-known melodies from various music genres from classical, rock, pop to Sting, Sade, Ed Sheeran, Portishead, and Massive Attack are part of her repertoire. Nora playfully manages to involve the audience in the structure of the songs - they clap, hum, marvel and laugh together. Who wants to understand the special atmosphere of the concerts must have experienced it live. She is already an established star violinist and fusion e-violinist in the field of neo-classical and crossover music. Nora has participated in numerous orchestra, rock and pop projects and played with renowned artists like David Garrett, Michael Bublé, Jose Carreras, Jimmy Somerville, Bonnie Tyler etc.