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In Norway’s Emma Steinbakken, there can be found a moment of crystalline simplicity. “I do pop music,” says the 17-year-old rising singer, with a disarming directness. “The truth is very important to me and I want to show people that. I write how I feel, with very straight-forward lyrics. I don’t drop hints.” 
 In her lyrics, you fast discover Emma’s sharply observant eye, her startling comprehension of her emotions and environs. She writes of herself and of her friends but, in turn, reflects us all. Emma points out that “reading a lot of dark or sad poetry has helped me to describe my feelings and put words to them. I often ask myself how I feel and why. I talk a lot to myself about how my friends feel and how I feel about how my friends feel. Not every 16-year-old girl does this but I do.” 
 Emma describes her current songs as “mellow” but on the horizon lies a new body of work, one that’s, by her own admission, dark and hard and heavy. For this chameleonic artist, exploring new avenues has bestowed on her upcoming songs “more drums and bass, I’m really into drums these days! We use weird sounds and sample a lot of things, like, one time I was at a party and some people started to fight. I recorded their voices, we sampled that and now it’s a song bridge. In Norwegian. I sing in English but the bridge is Norwegian and I think that’s weird, like, “what the fuck is this?”, but also really cool.” And if Emma says it’s cool, then you best bloody believe it.