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Kirstine Birk has just released her third album as a solo artist, Words of Glass. As a child of the seventies she has created her very own blend of Nordic poetry and warm, folk-inspired sound. Her earlier songs have gotten great reviews and several tracks got radio airplay. She has played a lot of live concerts with her band and as a soloist. She has traveled in the US writing with local songwriters in Austin, TX

and the song ‘Words Of Glass’ was written in Nashville, TN. Debut Album ‘On A Day Like This’: “Kirstine Birk is a pleasant surprise, as long as you take time to dive into her music. She is a true songwriter, who keeps the tab high, in both her lyrics and music. The music is a mixture of country, folk and pop - a blend that Kirstine Birk manages in a very evocative way“. (GAFFA, June 2006) Album ‘Patience’: “It pays to be patient and the album is surely a nice, calm and melodic contribution to a hectic world. Kirstine Birk is a great singer-songwriter, who it is a pleasure to listen to.” (Alt For Damerne Feb. 2013) EP ‘On The Flipside’ - Kirstine Birk & Helene Bak: “Both voices and music on the low key EP ‘On The Flipside’ sound delicate. Kirstine Birk sings: “I fell into the sea, I fell into a dream”, and it does actually sound as if you were sucked in to some kind of a dream, a dream with a soundtrack in tones of blue...If