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Hanin Dhiya is Indonesian female pop singer, who bagged runner-up position in Rising Star 2014. She was born on February 21st 2001, and as a Gen Z, she actively posts music videos and vlogs on her YouTube channel and Instagram account. One of Hanin Dhiya’s cover video on YouTube gains more than 55 million of views. She posts cover videos such as Akad (Payung Teduh), Asal Kau Bahagia (Armada), Pupus (Dewa), Waktu Yang Salah (Fiersa Besari), Dari Mata (JAZ), Gugur Bunga (Indonesian patriotic song), and other popular songs. The journey of Hanin Dhiya in Indonesia music industry strengthened by releasing an album and singles such as Berkawan Dengan Rindu, Waktunya Sendiri, and Suatu Saat Nanti. Her debut album titled “Cerita Hanin Dhiya” was released in 2018 and achieves multiplatinum. And as a promising pop singer, she does lots of collaboration with domestic and international artists such as Andmesh, Bagas Ran, Christopher, NIve and Aldy Maldini. In collaboration with Sabyan, Hanin Dhiya release new single "Jangan Sampai Pasrah", a single that invites us all to keep up the spirit, be patient in living life with many obstacles such as Covid 19, natural disasters and others. 'Tuhan, izinkan semangat, dan pengharapan, agar tetap ada di dalam hatiku' #jangansampaipasrah