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Freeing myself of creative discontent by sharing my songs with you IG: nolograce I'm an artist/producer based in LA. I love making beats and writing songs about my life and personal growth. My life used to be completely different. I was a corporate executive in New York City, working on Wall Street and for a large conglomerate. I put my goals above everything else, including myself, and guess what?! I burnt out. Music has always been a calling, but I spent most of my life not listening to myself. One day, I ended up leaving my job and life in New York behind. I became a nomad and traveled around the world trying to figure out what to do with my life. I also started to listen to myself and make music. One of my stops was LA. I thought I was going to stay for two months, and 7 sublets and one year later, I realized it was home. Discovering music production and Ableton completely opened up my world. It is limitless, and I’m excited to keep growing. Through a lot of inner work and spiritual practice, I've connected to myself more deeply and found a way to balance music, my business career, and my focus on making a social impact. Thanks for listening to my music and being part of my journey.