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EXIST//EVOLVE is a self-produced album with guitarist David Benbow at the production helm, a traditional role in an unconventional set of circumstances. This pandemic presented us with another set of problems to solve and is testimony to the resilience and determination of all four members including original member Jake Hadley and newest addition Jim Coldrick sharing this story with their audience and get the album finished. Studios were closed, use of rehearsal spaces prohibited by law and this could have been the story of the album that never happened. But it did. Phantom State’s EXIST//EVOLVE is a debut that promises a brutally honest account addressing those previously unspeakable taboos with raw and fearless energy. We want those that have been through the trauma experience to know that they should never be alone. This album is speaking to to them, the silent minority, we hear you and this is a message of hope and extends out to all those who deal with trauma every single day. Once we can get out there, once we can connect with the audience eye to eye and share those special times that only live performance can provide, we WILL take this album onto the road. This album carries a positive message and in order to continue the life of this record we NEED you to hear this LIVE. We need YOU and we live in hope that we can share this together.