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Girl-next-door with swag. Guitar prodigy with heart. It’s not just anybody who packs up everything and moves to the other side of the world on their own to follow their dreams… That is, unless you are Sabrina Soares.  Since booking herself a one-way ticket from Sydney, Australia, she has generated a lot of buzz in the Toronto music scene. From busking the streets, to performing at notable festivals (including Kensington Jazz Festival, Indie Week Canada, Taste of the Danforth, Winterfolk Festival), Sabrina has already accomplished what other note-worthy artists around the city would take several years to do.         Mixing sincere and relatable diary-entry style lyrics with exceptional self-taught guitar playing, Sabrina’s debut EP “Plan A” is a hooky, hip-swiveling nod to pop, jazz, country and the funky Brazilian rhythms that colour her unique heritage. Sabrina is now in the process of producing her next record, drawing inspiration from artists like Jhené Aiko, John Mayer and Lauryn Hill.