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Evelien van den Broek is a composer, performer and musicproducer. She combines elements of electronic avant-pop, sound art and modern classical. False Memories is her first solo album, with avant-pop about memories of events that have never actually occurred. The lyrics are drawn from anonymous submissions to A.R. Hopwoods ‘False Memory Archive'. In her KUrKKU performances she transforms her voice with live electronics, using Wii game controllers, a foot pedal and five speakers. She’s part of the indietronica band Daisy Bell with whom she released the debut album ‘London’ in 2015. Evelien has composed for numerous documentaries, for theatre, dance, and soundwalks, and has made sound installations. In November 2016 her multimedia music performance ‘False Memories’ premiered at the November Music festival. In 2019 Biophonica premiered, a project about mass extinction, with electronic music, trumpet and field recordings. The album of that show was released in 2020 and is called Endlings, and features Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet. For the complete False Memories credits, please go to: https://evelienvandenbroek.com/false-memories For the complete Endlings album credits, please go to: https://evelienvandenbroek.com/endlings-album