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Royane was introduced to music at an early stage with a multicultural mix of Arabian, Moroccan and Spanish genres. She has cherished both singing and dancing all her life but went into experimenting with songwriting as a teenager. Royane is a complex artist still eager to explore as many genres as possible and she has the unique quality of a versatile musical style. For Royane the visual concept plays a huge role in how her songs are represented. She gravitates towards the beats that bring to mind a visual idea of the atmosphere, location, characters, and accouterments. Further on, by processing her inner illustrations she finds inspiration for songwriting and vocal melodies. Due to her intricacy in the process of making a song she takes pleasure in being a part of everything from beat producing to music video editing. She entertains in English, Moroccan, Arabic, and Spanish language which accumulate a multitude of nationalities. Her divergent vocal characters reflect on her appearances in the music videos which switches forcefully throughout the songs through outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. She has explained in previous interviews that this is not her trying to be someone else, but rather her showing all the different parts of herself.

If she could choose a range of top five artists that she would like to work with it would be Rosalia, Doja Cat, Rihanna, Pharrell, and Billie Eilish.