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(ENG) Jimena Arroyo is a singer-songwriter from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 19, she won a car in a singing competition on a TV show in her country. From that moment on, she started performing live and worked as a touring singer in a cover band for over ten years. After that, she decided to focus on her original songs, so she started working with very talented musicians, composers and producers from all over the world. She is also known as the lead singer of Excorde. She's been nominated for several international music awards, such as the Nashville Universe Awards and the Josie Music Awards. In 2020 she won the International Singer-Songwriters Association Award for Best International Female Vocalist. Now she's working on a solo album with producer CJ Teffner. (ESP) Jimena Arroyo es una cantautora de La Plata, Bs. As., Argentina. A los 19 años, ganó un auto en un concurso de canto en un show de televisión. A partir de entonces, cantó en una conocida banda de covers por más de diez años. Luego decidió enfocarse en sus canciones originales junto con renombrados músicos, compositores y productores de distintas partes del mundo. También es conocida por ser la cantante de Excorde. Fue nominada a varios premios internacionales a la música, como los Nashville Universe Awards y los Josie Music Awards. En 2020 recibió el premio de Mejor Vocalista Femenina Internacional de la Asociación Internacional de Cantautores. Ahora está trabajando en un album con CJ Teffner.