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Tomasa del Real has grown from a highly sought-after tattoo artist to the queen of neo-perreo revolutionizing reggaeton music. Born in Iquique, Chile, she was surrounded by reggaeton as it was one of the soundtracks of her hometown. Tomasa Del Real began working as a tattoo artist but started working on songs with the help of some friends, a laptop, and Wi-Fi. Del Real’s side hustle soon became her main hustle when she released ​Bien y Mal​, a compilation of songs that tracked her DIY evolution from reggaeton newcomer to neo-perreo queen flipping the genre’s machismo on its head. After the release of del Real’s first studio album, Bellaca del Año, to acclaim from outlets such as The Fader, Noisey, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and NPR among many others, she made her Coachella debut to packed audiences, performed at EDC Mexico and Lollapalooza and recently had an Adidas campaign in the UK. Tomasa del Real's new album, TDR, released through Nacional Records

is "a mix of the romantic and extreme perreo.” TDR presents the full spectrum of NeoPerreo reggaeton-infused jams ranging from the extreme to the softer, more romantic moments. In a recent interview, del Real describes that her racier lyrics and aesthetic on this album bring up “previously censored ideas in music like the fact that women can enjoy sex just as much as men.”