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"We are Pollo Shock and we want Rock'n'Roll!" We are Pollo Shock! we are an Italian rock band, formed in 2013 in Florence and composed by Giovanni Gallori (guitar), Matteo Piombo Papucci (vocals), Andre Gallerini (bass) and Lorenzo Barchielli (drums). Our style is various , influenced by the great foreign bands (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, etc ...) and by local groups and songwriters (Litfiba, Negrita, Vasco Rossi). Our sound is biting, powerful, suggestive and alternates heavy riffs with melodic and evocative arpeggios, creating a very personal and direct style. Our songs are supported by texts in Italian, goliardic (never demented), non-vulgar and very accurate from a rhythmic and lexical point of view; particular attention is given to the refrains, very easy to remember. Live, Pollo Shock! offers engaging and amusing shows, which aim to create participation from the public with short gags and jokes, but with a strong impact.