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Packo Gualandris is one of the most successful electronic music exports from Luxembourg. Spinning records since 1999, he is renowned for his long Progressive House and Techno sets that guarantee the transformation of the crowd into a wildly energetic dancing bundle, Europe-wide. As the owner of the Oberkorn Studios, he does produce, mix and master music on a daily basis. His first album "FREE" was released in April 2018 and shows off his versatile skills. In 2016 (3.) and 2017 (2.) he was elected to the top league of Luxembourg's electronic DJs at the Luxembourg Nightlife Awards. Since 2018 he's hosting the "Sound Fiction" show on Radio ARA and presents the newest Progressive House and Techno tracks as well as guest mixes from national and international DJs. In 2020 Packo Gualandris launched his first own label called Overjoy Records. He was surprised that this name didn't exist for a label so he didn't waste a second and immediately registered the name :) - The track "Evil Ghosts became an instant success and was streamed great many times worldwide. Later in 2020, during the Covid-19 crisis he gained a lot of attention with his livestreams on Luxembourg's RTL Today Facebook page. Some videos gained far over 10.000 views and got a huge positive feedback. Part of the success came from his weekly new creative handmade decorations. -- Latest releases: - OBERKORN feat. Packo Gualandris - Getting High Getting Low - Pitter Patter feat. Tally Tally