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The Silhouettes Project is a platform for the new generation of underground hip-hop, jazz, and soul music in the UK. The project aims to unify artists who are making groundbreaking music and progress and who are in need of a solid structure to work within, network with other artists, and develop their sound - artists who desere more recognition. This led to the name ‘The Silhouettes Project’, as it should shine a light on those artists in the shadows. The Silhouettes Project was founded by community organisers Jaden and Asher ( aka Eerf Evil & Kosher) who wanted to create an organisation that brings together community spirit and a top level of creative output. Asher, the founder of ‘Root 73’ (a socially provoked record label running for the last 4 years in the heart of Hackney), has been actively involved in the grassroots music industry from being an artist himself to managing a variety of artists whilst also working full time as a marketing manager for Atlantic records. Jaden also known as the rapper - Eerf Evil has been working in community development for the last 10 years, he found his love for bringing people together through running Hip-Hop Cyphers out of his bedroom, which went on to running larger London wide cyphers supporting artists at their earliest stages. The pair felt a joint frustration that the current music scene in the UK only had structures in place to support talent of a certain genre whilst overlooking a buzzing alternative hip-hop culture.