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On a cold Virginia autumn evening we lit up a cigar and kicked up our feet by a backyard bonfire. The conversation that ensued uncovered a longing for purpose, community, and comradery, on the road we call life. That night we wrote a song, and a band was born. But even more than a band, we’re a family. One that we hope you’ll join as we continue our journey toward a Place Called Home About the Album From the very beginning this album has been an eye opening experience for us. Looking back, it’s pretty incredible to see how the record has taken us from what we thought we were as a band, to what we truly are. We’ve moved stylistically into a place that we never thought we’d be and it feels really good. What we ended up with is a group of songs that run the entire spectrum of Roots Rock with instrumentation ranging from folk strings to soulful keys, to tight horns to rock n roll guitars. The songs themselves are the best we’ve written individually or collectively alike. Each song tells its own story and the words, for the most part, come deep from the heart and cut straight to the soul. We write about real life (both struggles and celebrations alike) and we hope these songs get you thinking about your own. Ultimately, you’ll hear a wide variety of styles, grooves, and instrumentation across a group of songs that are wildly different yet perfectly cohesive all telling a different part of the same story. Its taken us on an incredible journey; we hope it does the same for you!