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Take a janky Goodwill crock pot with a frayed cord. Insert the following: two synthesizers (one operable, the other not so much), one garage sale drum machine, one Tascam 4-track cassette recorder, one circular saw, two recent university graduates, one pint of confusion, a heaping tablespoon of anger, and 1/8 teaspoon of talent. Cover and set on high for two weeks without stirring. Remove noxious slurry. Place in one gallon container. Add sulfur. Set on fire. Scrape residue into Castleberry Beef Stew aluminum can. Feed to Iggy Pop. Record audio from Mr. Pop’s colon blockage surgery...that’s Squid1969 in a nutshell. Oh, and they are named Björ6n Oranj and Christopher Campbell. Bosky Rumbluffer provided engineering and production assistance along with actual musicianship. Björ6n, Christopher and Bosky are all members of the art collective This Isn't Just a Cult which creates music as a band and produces a podcast of the same name. Björ6n is in The Halcyon Brothers and Christopher records as The Creeping Man. Learn more at