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I guess this is supposed to be in third person but I'm writing this myself now, so… I wish there was a way of communicating the way i feel about all of this. I’m not sure there is. For me, every love song that has ever made me feel anything has been about music. My highest highs i my life and my deepest grief has always been about music. It’s not just a passion, or an expression of some sort. It’s a truth. The essence. It’s God. Here is a shard of everything i have to share. My deepest hope is that you’ll find something in it. Things will get lost in translation on the journey from my brain to your ears, filtered through your and mine experiences and preferences, i know that. But some things will make it though. I hope some of that purity survives the journey and catches you. Catches your core and your soul. And if it does: I hope we meet some day. I know what you feel. lots of love, EARON