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The Music of Paul Kenny ​Composer - Music Producer - Concert Artist - Pianist Conductor - Author - Music Teacher - Educator "Helping People Improve Their Lives and Ignite Their Passion through the Power of Music". “The Noblest Art is That of Making People Happy”. Composing and recording at his recording studio located on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania Australia, Paul is at the cross-road of two worlds. Advanced recording technology combine with the ‘Sounds of Nature’ to produce inspirational music that is able to take you on a journey of relaxation, magic and discovery. Nature sounds are recorded on location in hidden rainforest areas and untouched ocean beaches located in Australia. Music is then composed to enhance the atmospheric sounds of nature. This inspirational music can be referred to as ‘Inspirational New Age Relaxation Music’, a special blend of melodies, harmonies and rhythms to stir your emotions and lift your soul to new heights. Nature sounds are recorded in 3D Spatial Sound for an enhanced listening experience. Paul Kenny is an extraordinarily diverse composer drawing on a wide range of influences incorporating an almost classical like melody and more experimental digital influences within his music leading to an innovative style of truly spiritual, inspirational and a magical style of music. I hope you enjoy my music. ​All the best. Paul.