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Dukes of Chutney, the transcontinental trio of Dustin Lynn, John Paul Jones, and Petra, explore the different spaces and places, between nothingness and nature, that nurture inner and outer peace. Cosmic yet intimate, long-gestating and free-flowing, diffuse and centered. “Pretty much everything we do is without purpose,” the Dukes admit, in line with their pursuit of joy. But it’s not empty hedonism or passivity at play, so much as an expression of freedom. “Why not?” was scribbled on the white frame of the Polaroid documenting their first appearance on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space many years ago, and it remains their motto, their mantra. Traces of bossa nova and whispered folk mix with the natural ambience that inspired its creation. There are steady throbs like a memory of a night of revelry and bliss, the kind of sonic tingle that evokes headswim or shoegaze. You can also pick out dub and jazz, Afro-cosmic and tropicália, Balearic and Japanese environmental music, spaghetti westerns and dream pop. Or you can just let go of these ideas of taxonomy and genre tags and just let the music wash over you. Why not?