A German alt-rock band that formed while the members were still students, Kilians (they dropped the ‘The' after their 2007 EP release) went from a college band in 2005 that self-released a self-titled EP to an album releasing nation-wide touring act in a scant two years.

Their first big break came in 2006, when the band Tomte invited them to take the opening slot on that band's tour. Their own tour followed that summer, and in 2007 Kilians released their first ‘official' EP, Fight the Start. More touring followed, including some festival appearances, and by the end of the year, Kilians (Simon den Hartog (vocals), Dominic Lorberg (guitar), Gordian Scholz (bass), Michael Schürmann (drums), and Arne Schult (guitar)) had a top 100 album in the shops. ~ Chris True, Rovi

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