Dave Wheitner


  1. 1.
    Mighty Unicorn
  2. 2.
    Energy is Shifting
  3. 3.
    You Are the One for Me (Instrumental Version)
  4. 4.
    Dusk Before Solstice
  5. 5.
    You Are the One for Me
Through music, I seek to transcend the boundaries of normal communication, limited by languages, dialects, & logic.
Sometimes I like to catalyze thinking on deep topics, & sometimes I just hope to make the listener have fun or feel positive energy. With music, I often experience what seems to be a different plane of existence, with many intertwined energies: spirituality, sex, thought, movement, connectedness, & awareness.
I’ve been fascinated by music & sound since a young age, when I’d spend hours listening to my dad’s albums through headphones. After we got our first boombox with a microphone, I created experimental sounds with objects ranging from a metal slinky to coffee cans. Borrowing a cousin’s boombox, I would create “ping-ponged” multitrack recordings with two machines. I’d often seek opportunities to play with the PA system at school, so that I could beatbox and hear the bass resonate. Whenever we visited a department store, I’d spend the entire time in the electronics section tinkering with the keyboards.
As a teenager, I often spent whole weekends composing & recording, starting with a small Casio keyboard & 4-track recorder. I’ve sometimes pushed music aside for career & financial reasons, but am happiest when I regularly make time for music . As technology has evolved to computer-based digital audio workstations, I remain amazed by how much capabilities have grown over just a few decades. It's an exciting time to be making music. Thank you for listening!


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