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Within each one of us exists a Bashful Creature. Hidden beneath layers of constructed personalities and externally influenced self-images, it is the most intimate expression of our souls. We each have the power to access this essence through deepest reflection and honesty. Some of us are more bashful; some are more like wild creatures. Songwriters Nailah Middleton and Alex Hamberger draw from both sides of the Bashful Creature to weave emotions, experiences, and adventures into colorful tunes. Bashful Creature came together when Nailah and Alex spent a year together at CalArts. In each other, they found a complimentary creative partner, each with a penchant for accessible, groove-based music. The first time they convened to work as a duo, the pair laid the foundation for their song “Anime Tears.” Their workflow developed easily as they discovered each other’s strengths: Alex’s ability to play accompaniment parts on bass and Nailah’s newfound affinity for singing while playing harp. Today, Bashful Creature intertwines introspective lyricism with colorful textures. Alex creates loops with his bass to provide percussive sounds and harmonies while Nailah leads the musical charge with floating melodies and splashes of harp. The material that comprises their forthcoming debut album tackles themes of unrequited love and understated commitment. With equal measures of jazz, synth pop, and folk-inspired melodies, Bashful Creature presents an unforgettable sound and live show.