Jennifer Cardini

Techno DJ Jennifer Cardini grew up in the South of France, meaning she had to drive hours to attend raves featuring heroes like Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills.

The devoted techno fan turned into a DJ herself around 1994, and it didn't take long before she played the Panic in Detroit party in Nice alongside Luke Slater and Jeff Mills. The Bowie reference in the party's name would be a fitting start for Cardini, since a meeting with the DJ and glam fan Sex Toy would result in the formation of Pussy Killers. As Pussy Killers, Sex Toy and Cardini brought Bowie flamboyance to rave culture. Cardini played the tomboy role in the group and the look stuck as she moved to Paris and began a weekly gig at the city's popular nightclub Pulp. Filled with tracks she played at Pulp, her debut mix CD, Lust, appeared on the Home label in 2005. Her 2008 mix for Kompakt, Feeling Strange, featured a move toward more minimal techno. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi

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