Ganesha Project


  1. 1.
    Om Shiva Om Shakti
  2. 2.
    Hari Reggae
  3. 3.
    Jaya Shiva Shambo
  4. 4.
    Om Guru Om
  5. 5.
    Om Tare
In a soothing union of voices, guitars, harmonium and sitar, Ganesha Project walk together through life, spiritually connected by sharing their music using the strength of polarity.
We are Marta and Sergi, mantra musicians. We are a spiritual couple with a strong inner connection, exposing our very souls to reveal that what makes us strong and weak at the same time. We are both committed to the love we share, which we renew every day. We share a common desire to express our love purely, to live authentically, profoundly, transcending the banalities of the world. Although two separate bodies, we have opened ourselves mentally and emotionally to each other, merging our spirits into one.
For us, sound is sacred, sound is healing and mantra chanting is a powerful healing tool. It connects us and expands our hearts, creating a deep transformation.
Mantras (‘man’ or mind and ‘tra’ the technique that quietens the mind) are a bridge to another level of consciousness and they have the power to transform mind, body and spirit.
As we chant, the frequencies of the mantra go into the being and quieten the mind.


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