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”Saxophonist/flautist Sarah Elgeti is the latest Danish wonder to emerge on the international stage” - Edward Blanco, All About Jazz - US Sarah Elgeti is a passionate musician in many different genres. She has played with Phil Dwyer, Tina Mweni, Søren Bebe, Morten Schantz, Etta Cameron, Helle Marstrand, Finn Ziegler, Lars H.U.G., Nattefrost and many others. She has also toured with her own Quartet in Denmark, France, Norway , Germany.... In addition to composing the entire repertoire for the Sarah Elgeti Quartet, she has also composed music for many other ensembles, including

the saxophone quartet 4 Shades Of Blue, the fusion orchestras Nordic Fusion and Troldspejlet and has also written the lyrics for the electronic music project Nattefrost. “... a true international jazz maestro, one who both can and will make an indelible mark on the world of jazz...”