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Posted By Kubbi

Where does the story start in the constant gradual evolution of an artist? When the first notes hit the paper?

When the first track hit 8bitcollective? When the first album was carelessly thrown together or when the 6th one hit the mainstream after years of pursuing the perfect? Kubbi is an ever maturing discography. The evolution of a worldbuilder where the art is in the process of learning. The states of a constantly changing mind manifested in raw waveforms from the early days of computers and video games. Melodies shaped and backed up by electronics from all corners of technological advance. A melting pot of genres, utilising the greatest benefit of chiptune music; The freedom of styles. A project so up close and personal it charmed a vast and varied listener base through it's controversial methods of creative commons marketing and free to use philosophies. At times over-ambitious and unpredictable, at times playful and immature, always honest, always raw feeling. A selfbiography of few words.

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