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Good Kid came to be in the late 1940s. The Blues was sweeping through the nation! In an alleyway of New Orleans, a man in suspenders chimed a Jazz Chord. "Stop Right There" - a loud, commanding voice echoed in the alley. "My name is Nick and your Jazz Chord touched me right in the soul! What is your name?" The man in suspenders was keen on flattery. "My name is Jacob. I travel the world and play my Jazz Chord for the people!". "Perhaps we could work on your Jazz Chord together! And turn it into a song!", said Nick. Before they knew it, 3 more fellas were standing in the alley with them marveling at the power of the Jazz Chord. As history goes, they stood in that alley for over 60 years, until finally, they wrote a fucking song. Jazz was not as popular anymore, but suspenders never lost their charm. And so the 5 aged men called themselves Good Kid and went on to play together.