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Some parts of the world are finally opening up whilst most of Australia remains in lockdown. It’s an appropriate time to ask one another “Are You Happy?”. During this time of spending more time indoors and online, it’s about living vicariously via social media, the impacts of this on our mental health and the rose-tinted presumptions we easily make about other people’s lives. It’s also about mistakes from the past and those distant memories which still exist online somewhere. Outside of Sweden, the word ‘avresa’ may not be so commonly known. In English it translates to departure for the beginning of an adventure. Addicted to travel, Australian Sydney-based songwriter, guitarist and pianist Jeremy considered it an appropriate name for the project. It also references the transition from his 4-piece alternative rock band into more challenging musical territory as a solo artist. "The melody has you jumping around like mad. There is a driving beat that slips past your defences and vibrates through your veins.... There is such a lively feeling to the music that you can’t help but get lost in the movement." - The Other Side Reviews "The breakdown after the choruses are just awesome too, they remind me of The Courteeners in their prime, but with a bit more oomph. I can certainly see this track elevating Avresa even further. As as we always seem to mention -

Australia really has some amazing talent and Avresa is certainly up there with them!" - It's All Indie