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Imran Ahmed is best known for his multiple achievements in representing Bangladesh in the international Jazz circuit in Europe and Asia. His trio has been performing extensively throughout Dhaka and is always working towards establishing a prominent jazz scene in the country. By working with different projects Imran has been successfully exposing this kind of music to different crowds. At present the trio is mostly working on new music that are centered on modern jazz, and music from different cultures , mostly with a huge interest on Bangladeshi folk music and Indian classical as well from, middle eastern music. The musician strives to find common grounds in music from all over world and make truly global music within the framework of jazz. Imran Ahmed Trio is also the first band in the jazz category from Bangladesh that not only exposed a sizeable number of audience to jazz and improvisational and instrumental music in general. Imran’s tours include all original music. Imran Ahmed Quintet opened for John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension and Shai Maestro at Jazz&blues festival bangladesh in 2015. International tours: Malaysia - World Youth Jazz Festival (2018) Malaysia Kualalumpur - International Jazz Day (2018) germany tour 2018: jazz studio nurnberg, young lions on stage, bamberg Poland - 2019, zory, warsaw, krakow. the performance at Polish national radio theater Trojka will be released in the 2021.