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It’s easy to make things sound complex. What’s much harder is to make complexity sound easy. Los Angeles-based guitarist and composer Vahagni weaves in both, his playing and his compositions, strands from several styles and traditions

— flamenco and classical music, Armenian music and jazz. Yet the overall result has a rare, easy-on-the ear quality that belies its many influences. 
 The clash of civilizations never sounded so good! jazz weekly It's atmospheric brilliance, a breath of fresh, cold air which introduces new sounds and textures to jazz. La weekly guitarist extraordinaire stay thirsty magazine Based in Los Angeles, guitarist Vahagni metes out his influences—the folk music of his homeland Armenia, as well as flamenco, modern sound de- sign, Western classical music and jazz— in his highly personalized third album, Imagined Frequencies Downbeat 
 Vahagni is highly-praised for good reason. Inside