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Awen Family Band is a collaborative effort offering an inclusive musical back to Earth experience, a place to commune with our roots and reconnect with the source. The Awen Family Band believes in letting the music and moment flow freely without force, guiding us to transcendence, deeper understanding and gratitude towards life. These values are reflected in the songwriting of Tim Husk, with uplifting lyrics that try to break down the mysteries of the universe and celebrate the infinite joys of life. Every Awen Family show is an ever changing collection of musicians from other touring acts that share the same understanding that we are just vessels for the great spirit and energy to flow through us, to hear the song in the life around us and bring it into reality to share with everyone. Every new musician to leave their touch on the Awen Family songbook offers a new perspective to the music and what they hear in the songs, making every Awen Family show an opportunity to hear the songs presented in a new light as well as new songs that form around certain groups of musicians.

Building Community, Expanding Circles and Spreading Love