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When the Enchanting Feeling of Rhythm meet the collection of family, friendship and creative spirits ~ Four Uniquely Different Talents ~ there becomes a master blend of Musical Lifestyles, filled with the Dancing of Hip Hop, the Toe Tapping of Neo-Soul, the Excitement of Pop, the Innocence of New Thangs, the Wonderment of Rapping and the Art of Spoken Word! Introducing… the Music Industry’s Newest Fourth Style of Vocals and Music of Edge between Them enjoy full scale sounds of Entertainment and more! Producers * Directors * Songwriters * Live Performance Artists Norvell Ji’Floyd * Mad-Seoul Child * Trinity * Corvell Connect: NJCProductions.com*ImagePrincipleStudios.com NJCProductionsNJC@gmail.com*ImagePrincipleStudios@gmail.com 310.560.6494 * 310.560.3683