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Mosa Wild are a four piece guitar band. They’re fronted by Jim Rubaduka and backed by school friends Edwin Ireland, Charlie Campbell, and Alex Stevens. They’re an EP old, and have new music on the way. The first EP was a persuasive introduction to a band not so much reinventing the wheel as rolling it down a steep hill and seeing what they can get out of the thing. Which is to say it was very good; melody-rich and teeming with heart. An impressive opening statement. Very promising indeed. The stories of lockdown are now ten-a-penny of course. Bands of Mosa Wild’s level, or any level, should be out on the road, honing their craft, picking up fans, writing as the motorways rumble under the van’s wheels all the way back to Ashford. They’ve had some experience of it already, touring with Maggie Rogers, Tame Impala, and label mate Jade Bird. But alas, they like all of us, are stuck at home contemplating things we really ought to have started but keep putting the kettle on for welcome distraction. 
 Vocalist, lyricist, songwriter Jim’s a man who tends to know what he wants and with steely determination. He knows where Mosa Wild should eventually take him and his friends.

The songs tend to find a template through his penchant for time, space, patience and melody. The forthcoming new recordings aren’t as frenetic as the band’s opening salvo, but it’s fitting for these stranger times. Reflective and considered. Yearning. Music is forever, take your time.