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“I was walking down 8th Avenue, tears running down my face. This was my low point. I was not happy.” 
 Rich Hennessy has finally found his voice. 
 He knew it was there from a young age, when he belted out pop songs in the back of his mom’s Dodge Caravan. He knew it was there when he landed lead roles his freshman year of high school in musical theater. But somehow, somewhere along the way, Rich lost his voice. 
 He recalls a conversation with his theater teacher in high school. “Go to college,” she told him. Get a business degree.” Rich had dreams of moving from his home in New Jersey to New York City to study voice, but her words led him to a fork in the road and to an alternate life. 
 “The song encapsulates everything – my journey to find myself and my voice, my need to speak the truth, and the resulting change that can happen when others use their voices and their authentic selves to speak their truths. Our world needs that now more than ever.” 
 “You’re The Voice” marked the first step in this new fork in the road for Rich—or maybe rather than a fork, it’s an arc back to that boy belting in the back of his mom’s minivan – pure joy, pure power, living his one true self. 
 “The person who I am today—I’m authentically me. I want to tell others struggling to find themselves who don’t fit into the role that others expect of them—find your truth and follow it. There is so much power in that.”