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A warm blanket envelops singer/songwriter Phöenix Lazare’s signature sound. The Canadian artist digs deep into her roots, embedding authenticity within soft vocals and tender acoustic guitar. Fearlessness is found in Phöenix’s lyrics, a reflection of those came before her, following inspiration where it leads. Hand crafted since her youngest years, her passion was nurtured at Berklee College of Music where she received a BA in Songwriting. Phöenix’s sound blurs the line between folk and pop, offering a refreshingly honest perspective in modern music. With a debut EP, live album and handful of singles behind her, she embraces unknown with open arms. Sharing a full-length record is the next step for this thoughtful artist. ​ Phöenix creates a comfortable atmosphere, sitting down with her audience as if opening up in her own home. Velvet layers create an intimacy that embodies sitting around a fire, sharing stories through her songs. There is nothing contrived about what Phöenix creates. Her music is pure. Her songs come from within and without.