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Nanook has released 4 studio albums, 2 best of (for Japan & Scandinavia) and 1 live album. Besides that there's been several singles incl. their biggest hit; Ingerlaliinnaleqaagut. Even though the band sings in Greenlandic, Nanook's videos on youtube have reached more than 2 million views all together, and the band tours in Canada, US, Asia and the Northern countries including a performance at Roskilde Festival (2019) - one of the biggest festivals in Europe. The Nordic Council's description of Nanook: "Nanook is one of the biggest Greenlandic musical phenomena in recent history. They boast a highly distinctive new sound, characterised by thoughtful arrangements and exceptional instrumental skill. The band – Martin Zinck (drums), Andreas Otte (bass) and Mads Røn (keyboards), and brothers Frederik and Christian Elsner (guitar and vocals) – are an amazing sight as they effortlessly command even the biggest stages. Nanook has several acclaimed tours and the four beautiful albums they have released since 2009 are GOLD certified. The band constantly honing their sound and their instrumental abilities through consummate and energetic live performances. Right from the first note, there’s no mistaking Nanook. Their innovative sound is bold new Greenlandic music that is earning a well-deserved place on the world stage." Nanook: Frederik Elsner: guitar, vocal Christian Elsner: guitar, vocal Mads Røn: Keyboard, piano Martin Zinck: drums Andreas Otte: Bass